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The Michigan Runner Girl podcast is where you'll find a passion for running crosses paths with a love of living healthy in the beautiful state of Michigan. Runner, mother, writer and lover of all things Michigan Heather Durocher, creator of the running and travel site, hosts the show, along with regular appearances by fellow Michigan Runner Girls (and Guys). Expect to hear informative and entertaining conversations with runners, race directors and fitness experts throughout Michigan during this weekly show. You'll learn about new races to try and great places to explore on foot. The Michigan Runner Girl podcast is all about living in a state of motion.
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Dec 13, 2019

In this final episode of 2019, Heather shares a few quick MRG updates, gives thanks for the 4+ years of the Michigan Runner Girl podcast and incredible people she's been able to have on the show, and offers a peek into what's to come in 2020.




Dec 6, 2019

“This year has been a huge year of mental transformation.” 

Heather Quinlan, who penned Happy Pace Diaries for the MRG blog a few years back, shares the significant mindset change she’s experienced in recent time—and how this has affected her running and overall wellness. Heather, who is from Sterling Heights, has always been open and honest about her health journey—she once wrote about her weight “fluctuating anywhere between 360-390 lbs.” in 2010, the year she felt something stir within her as she watched her sister-in-law run her first half marathon—and this conversation is no different. 

“I don’t think there’s been any one thing that’s happened, like a lightbulb moment. I think it’s been a host of things that have happened over time,” she says. 

She had become a runner, with her favorite race the Detroit Half Marathon, but in 2015, “I hit a bad spot.”  

“I have an anxiety disorder, like many people do … and running was hard for me. It was hard for me to get back into the ring … I just kind of lost my mojo. I was losing myself a little bit again.” 

Things began to turn around when she joined a new gym about two years ago. It was a slow and gradual change as she spent more time with people she describes as family. “It took time. You sign up for a gym, or you decide to do something big, and you think this is going to change everything right away. And it doesn’t. It took me some time to find my way.”

“When you put yourself around like-minded people who get you and encourage you, and want to see you succeed … I think it just started to come back to me. This gym really focuses on the mental aspect of health and wellness and nutrition. I just started to make that a priority. I kind of shifted that mindset of what do I have to do, to what do I get to do.”

Heather says focusing on gratitude has been huge. Community also is integral.

“I’m huge on community. The gym I go to now is community. It’s like family. I truly believe you can enjoy hard, challenging physical work … it’s fun to work out. It’s fun to go someplace where you feel valued.”

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Nov 26, 2019

You can run outdoors all winter long -- and even come to love it! (OK, at the very least, embrace it.)

Heather stops by downtown Traverse City's Running Fit for this week's show to talk winter running and outdoor exploring with Marc McCombs, store manager, and Alison Goss, assistant manager. Both are lifelong runners and Running Fit team members who share their tips and tricks for staying warm and safe in Michigan's cold, snowy and icy conditions. 

Starting with socks ("Cotton is rotten"), shoes (hear why trail shoes can be a great option in certain winter conditions) and shoe traction, and covering the must-have clothing layers for outdoor running adventures, Marc and Alison share the latest gear and other essentials available. Heather and Jonny also chime in with their own winter running experiences. You'll get head-to-toe ideas for getting out there and enjoying both the elements and your running this time of year.

Learn more about Running Fit in Traverse City, including upcoming events they're hosting, on the store's Facebook page here.

Nov 3, 2019

Lantern-lit snowshoeing, morning running, cross country skiing and hiking through the woods, yoga, delicious food and drink...all in a gorgeous Up North setting of rustic-chic lodging on the shores of Higgins Lake near Roscommon, Michigan. This is what you can expect (plus lots more) at the third annual Michigan Runner Girl Winter Getaway Feb. 14-16, 2020.

This Valentine's Day weekend, join Heather and the MRG team for a relaxing and rejuvenating all-inclusive two-night stay at the Ralph A. MacMullan Conference Center, a Michigan Department of Natural Resources property. Taking care of ourselves, both in body and mind, is the very best way we can show ourselves some love! (p.s. there will be plenty of chocolate included!)

Heather and Pam Carrigan, MRG event coordinator, share details of this February's Michigan Runner Girl Winter Weekend.

Sign up here >>

Oct 24, 2019

The idea of running further than 26.2 miles is a daunting thought for many of us. It also may intrigue you, given that ultra running is less about speed and more about endurance and pushing your body and mind in an entirely different way. Getting out on the trails, immersing yourself in nature, also are big draws for ultra runners and ultra runners wannabes.

Three ultra runners and one soon-to-be ultra runner join Heather on the show to talk about the allure of going long--really long. These four runners have gotten to know one another even better through their love of ultra running training and racing. Ali Lopez, a frequent guest on the show, returns to talk about her ultra running adventures of late (you also can find her detailed race recaps, as well her story of coming back to running after a serious eye injury, on the blog). Her first ultra was a looped course, which she says is a nice way of entering the world of ultra running. Zach Sayre, 21, has wholeheartedly jumped into the ultra running world in the last year or so—and he's since run six ultras and won two of them. He's done one 50-miler as well as 55Ks and 50Ks. 

Britt Gervais has run three ultras, including a recent one with Zack in Canada. Both agreed this race—Ultra Trail Stokely Creek 55K—was among their favorites because of the challenging terrain, beautiful fall color, attention to detail by race organizers, and camaraderie among the runners. "The community that comes with ultra running is the absolute best," Britt said. "At that race you could totally feel it ... it was the best." Britt talks about how she didn't necessarily think she'd do more than one ultra. But that changed after she finished her first one. "I ran it and when I was done, I thought, oh, no, this is it. This is the thing. I am going to keep going with it."

Jonny Tornga, a producer of the MRG podcast, is gearing up for his first ultra, the Yankee Springs Winter Challenge on January 4, 2020. Jonny started running and racing a few years ago, getting really into the sport after moving to the Big Apple. "I grew up as a runner in New York City, where it was very competitive. It was all, 'go, go, go' and tons of speed work. 'Get faster, faster, faster and stronger,'" he said. "And coming back here [to Michigan] and getting injured for the first time, which took me out for pretty much the entire summer, really kind of changed my mindset. What am I really doing here? I'm pushing myself too hard. And for an ultra, you cannot do that. It will destroy you. You will fail. So for me, in a lot of ways, it's me trying to become a better runner. To teach myself to slow down, to not worry about these things that don't ultimately matter."

These friends also are behind the Iceman Runneth (Unofficial Fun Run) event this Nov. 3. This route, the same as the Iceman Cometh mountain bike race course, is 30 miles. Runners will start in Kalkaska and finish at Timber Ridge on the east side of Traverse City. You can learn more about this run on Facebook here:


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A special thanks to Mike Moran, Mike Youker and Jonny Tornga of Quarter After Productions in Traverse City, Mich. for producing the show.

Oct 13, 2019

Pouring rain, a lightning delay, lots of cowbell, little sleep, scenic views, snacks and stinky eggs, re-connection, and a (speedy) finish...all the makings of a super-fun and successful Ragnar Road Michigan for Kelly Yauk and her teammates at this year's Muskegon-to-Traverse City relay event.

Kelly returns to the show to talk with Heather about this year's epic Ragnar Road Michigan, which took place a couple of weeks ago, and also to catch us up on this year's The Great Beerd Run 5K, a run that celebrates all things Michigan craft beer and beards each November. Kelly is the race director of this northern Michigan fun run that's now in its 6th year. 

If you took part in this year's Ragnar that follows a gorgeous course along Michigan's west coast, you'll love re-living race moments with Kelly. If you haven't yet jumped onto the Ragnar wagon, her experience likely will get you thinking about signing up for one -- Ragnar now hosts two relay events in Michigan, in the summer on the trails near Grayling, Mich., and in the fall for the road event that takes runners the 200-ish miles between Muskegon and Traverse City.

Heather and Kelly also reminisce about the fun they've had over the last several years at The Great Beerd Run -- and Heather invites listeners to sign up for this year's event, set for Nov. 9. A race discount code is shared, too!

This fun run is designed to celebrate all things beer and beards. This is an untimed run with on-course beer tastings featuring Beards Brewery, Short's Brewery and Right Brain Brewery.

Additionally, a Best Beard competition with both natural and assisted categories is part of the festivities.

Registration fee includes race entrance, knitted beard beanie, bottle opener/race medal, 3 beer samples, one glass of beer during the post-race party and entrance into post-race party featuring live music.

Make it a weekend and stay the night with great room rates. Call 800-236-1577 and use code BEER.

A $30 registration fee with all of the great race perks minus the beard beanie is available.

Participants must be 21 or over. Must provide ID.

Use the code MIRUNNERGIRL to receive $5 off your race entry. Register here »

Oct 2, 2019

We take a deep breath and sign up for that race. We register for that fitness class, or go outside our comfort zone and try a different form of exercise altogether. We take steps to change what we eat, we vow to drink more water, to get more sleep. We decide to take better care of ourselves—both mentally and physically—and slowly and surely we reach out goals, whatever our individual fitness and wellness efforts may be and wherever our journey takes us.

But do we celebrate these milestones along the way? Perhaps. But longtime personal trainer Amy Puckett, who lives in Holland, Mich., believes we can do a whole lot more of this. 

"I love seeing people gain an amazing sense of pride and accomplishment," says Amy, who surveyed thousands of women and asked what they do to celebrate when they reach a milestone. "To my shock, most of the responses were that they have never thought about celebrating. This didn’t sit well with me. I see so many women getting frustrated or burned out while on this betterment journey. I’ve narrowed it down to either they just aren’t celebrating or they are celebrating the wrong way—maybe a cheat day with the wrong or too much food, and I don’t mean kale. Naturally this would leave them feeling discouraged and worse yet, the next workout may suffer causing more frustration. This cycle has the potential to derail their whole health journey. I believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to celebrate. The right way will propel you forward on your journey not lure you off track."

Heather met Amy earlier this fall at the Holland Haven Marathon, Half Marathon and 8K. Both had booths at the race expo, which is held on race day. Amy's business is Milestones Gift Co., which designs meaningful gift boxes. Products are "handcrafted, beautiful, indulgent pieces – many of which are made exclusively for our Milestones customers," says Amy, who started the business about a year a half ago with her sister Kelly. "Every one of our items is carefully selected to bring you what you need to reach your next health milestone and help you celebrate at the same time. Each item is designed to help make your next workout better." 

Along with talking about Milestones Gift Co., Amy shares her own personal health and wellness journey, including how she had a hip replacement at a young age, and why she has such a passion for helping women reach their fitness and life goals. Most recently, she has taken an interest in working with women who are experiencing perimenopause or menopause—and what this means for their workouts.

Amy offers a special discount code to MRG Podcast listeners interested in a Milestones Gift Co. item, whether it's to celebrate a personal milestone or one reached by a friend. Learn more and view products here:

Find Milestones Gift Co. on Instagram here:

Sep 18, 2019

The long-awaited IRONMAN 70.3 Traverse City race recap is here! After months of hard training and a summer filled with lots o’ life events -- first-ever MRG trail race! 19-year-old daughter heading off to college! First Olympic distance triathlon! -- Heather toed the start line of this summer’s inaugural IRONMAN 70.3 in her hometown of Traverse City, Mich. 

This event, which brought more than 2,400 athletes and their families and friends to the Cherry Capital of the world, took place on Aug. 25. For many athletes, Heather included, this endurance event was the first time they’d tackled the 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, and 13.1-mile run. A smattering of pro athletes also signed on for this sold-out event.

Heather is joined by two friends -- Cassy Stone and Karen Norton -- to talk about this epic day. Cassy, who was on the last episode talking with Heather about her nerves during race week and leading up to race day, was there at the race start on West Grand Traverse Bay. She also cheered on Heather and other friends at various points near transition and on the bike and run courses. A cyclist and marathoner as well as a member of the team that helped bring the race to northern Michigan, Cassy shares her race-day observations and how the event proved even more inspiring than she could have ever imagined, particularly for spectators like herself. Karen offers an entirely unique perspective as someone who is new to endurance events. Karen and Heather met in 2017 through work—both are writers and worked for Munson Healthcare together until Karen’s retirement last summer—and Karen offers her thoughts as an avid hiker and enthusiastic supporter and spectator. Karen and her husband Mike cheered Heather on when she needed it the most: during the run and at the finish. 

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to take on an IRONMAN event, to train for months, to juggle swimming, biking and running workouts with work and life … this episode will answer all of your questions. It also just may inspire you to try something completely new and different and outside your comfort zone.

Aug 24, 2019

Just two more sleeps until IRONMAN 70.3 Traverse City! After months of training and preparing (and juggling lots of life stuff), Heather will join more than 2,000 other athletes from all across Michigan, the U.S. and beyond who are participating in this weekend's inaugural IRONMAN 70.3 Traverse City swim-bike-run event. 

Heather shares how she's feeling going into race weekend with her close friend and fellow runner and cyclist Cassy Stone. "I do think I have done a pretty good job and I have done the best I can with training...The mental part at this point is really important. I need to be thinking hey, I get to do this. This a chance, no matter what happens, to learn things."

Cassy brings a unique perspective to the show with her first-hand experience welcoming triathletes and the IRONMAN crew to the area through her position at Traverse City Tourism, which brought the event to northern Michigan.

Heather and Cassy also recap this summer's inaugural Michigan Runner Girl Trail 10K & 5K as well as Heather's first Olympic distance triathlon -- the Traverse City Triathlon -- just a few weeks ago (where she experienced a mini-panic attack at the start of the swim as well as discovered just how much she still needed to learn about fueling well during the bike portion of the race).

Whether you're here in TC to compete in the IRONMAN, you're gearing up to cheer on a family member or friend, or you've been following Heather's journey to this race weekend, this episode gives you a race week perspective that is both authentic and inspirational. 

Aug 21, 2019

Eva and Ed Solomon are headed north from their home in the Ann Arbor area this weekend—joining more than 2,000 other triathletes and their families—for the inaugural IRONMAN 70.3 Traverse City. Eva and Ed, married for 29 years (they’re celebrating their anniversary this weekend, in fact), signed up for this race together. While Eva is a longtime triathlete, Ed is a newer one, having completed his first one earlier this summer.

Eva and Ed talk about what led them to take on this race, what the training has been like, and how Eva has watched her husband become a stronger swimmer and athlete. “It’s been seriously surreal,” she says. Ed worked with a coach to become more confident in the water. “I’m still a bad swimmer,” he says, but adds he feels stronger than ever. “My swimming has gone through a journey.” Working with a coach, he adds, was “really meaningful.” He talks about how he juggled a demanding job with training six days a week. “I wake up way earlier than I used to, and I go to bed way earlier.”

Eva has been on the show a number of times in the past. She is behind the southeastern Michigan race management company Epic Races. She first got into triathlon in the mid-1990s and started Epic Races 12 years ago.

Eva shares a tough decision she made recently related to her participation in IRONMAN 70.3. As much as she wanted to see through her commitment, she came to the realization that competing and taking part as an athlete just wasn't in the cards this time around. This was an emotional decision, and she talks honestly about what that has been like and her mindset shift to being the best cheerleader and supporter on race day for her husband.


IRONMAN 70.3 has been a regular topic on the show these past few months – watch for a special race weekend episode to be released as well!


Aug 14, 2019

If you haven't yet run a Great Lakes Endurance trail race -- these events take place in the Upper Peninsula and lower northern Michigan -- you're going to want to sign up for one after listening to this inspiring conversation with Jeff Crumbaugh.

We've talked about these marathons, half marathons, and other trail distances (including ultra) on the podcast in the past. The very first episode of the MRG podcast, in fact, featured a recap of the Grand Island Half Marathon, one of Heather's absolute favorite trail races -- maybe her most favorite. Jeff comes on the show to talk about these races, as well as two new ones being added this fall (for runners and cyclists!). These new races include La Deme Grand Half Marathon & 10K on Sept. 22 on Grand Island, and a 100K and 50K gravel bike race on Oct. 5 on Grand Island. 

Jeff also talks about Great Lakes Endurance's commitment to eco-friendly races -- Jeff has a passion and love for the environment and respect for the land, and his enthusiasm and dedication is infectious. 

These trail races take you deep into the woods, into the most scenic landscapes Michigan has to offer. They're truly incredible and gorgeous. The events are smaller, more intimate, too, so the overall experience is uniquely memorable. Learn more here:


The very first MRG podcast (4 years ago this month!):

Another MRG favorite Great Lakes Endurance race (snowshoe racing -- put this on your calendar for this winter!) 


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A special thanks to Mike Moran, Mike Youker and Jonny Tornga of Quarter After Productions in Traverse City, Mich. for producing the show.

Aug 7, 2019

Jen Casey, a northern Michigan runner, triathlete and mom of two young children, discovered a love of road biking and running in New York City. She was there on 9/11, a profound experience that years later would lead her to become a race director of a local charity race honoring first responders. “I needed to find a way to heal from that. And I think a lot of other people did, too,” Jen says of the 9/11 Honor Run 5K that is in its third year and will take place on Saturday, Sept. 7 in Traverse City. “My heart just goes out to the people who help us every day. I wanted to be able to put on a race that is dedicated to this and to honor the people that passed that day. I don’t want to ever forget that day.”

Jen talks about how she became a triathlete while living in Chicago – watching athletes swim in Lake Michigan along the Windy City’s lakefront inspired her to join a local triathlon club and start racing herself. After moving back to northern Michigan about five years ago and starting a family, she continued her athletic journey. “I never thought I’d say this, but I have turned into a morning person. It’s the only time. I always secretly wanted to be a morning person, but I never had a reason to until I had kids and a full time job. If I was going to do this, it was going to be the only time. I get up at 4:30 in the morning on the days that I train.”

She also decided to join Tri Again Fitness, a northern Michigan triathlon club, to prepare herself for IRONMAN 70.3 Traverse City this August.

“I know that it’s going to be tough, mentally and physically. It’s more than I have done in a really, really long time. But I know I have been educated enough and I trained enough. They have done an amazing job of preparing us for this race. I know I am going to get it done. I am going to cross the finish line with a smile on my face.

“The journey is hard … It’s that decision that you make. I can easily stay in the bed, or I can get up and not regret it all day. If I get up and do it, I am going to be feel better about myself … It’s a good journey.”

Jul 24, 2019

The countdown is on … IRONMAN 70.3 Traverse City is just one month away. Heather talks about how her training is going and catches up with Joel Gaff, an endurance athlete and longtime northern Michigan race organizer who is serving as race director of IRONMAN 70.3 Traverse City.

Some 2,500 athetes are signed on for the Aug. 25 event.

“It’s really been a totally different game, in a good way and in a lot of ways,” Joel says of taking on this new position. “There’s a large support team with me … It’s an exciting and challenging new opportunity. It’s been fun.”

Joel’s company Endurance Evolution is behind several northern Michigan road and trail races, as well as this weekend’s Traverse City Triathlon on Old Mission Peninsula. Heather is participating in the Olympic distance triathlon at this weekend’s event, and Joel shares how he’s seen a big uptick in the number of athletes signed on for the Olympic distance -- likely to help them prepare for IRONMAN 70.3 Traverse City.

Joel goes into detail about each course -- the swim in West Bay, the bike in Leelanau County, and the run in downtown Traverse City and around Boardman Lake. He also shares the best spots for spectators to see their athletes, as well as the ideal locations for parking on race day. 

Learn more about IRONMAN 70.3 by listening to these previous MRG podcast episodes:

- Behind the Scenes of Next Summer's IRONMAN 70.3 Traverse City

- Kicking off IRONMAN 70.3 Training with Rebecca and Tony Venticinque

- IRONMAN 70.3 Training Update

Jul 16, 2019

In a little over two weeks(!), women from all across Michigan and beyond will take part in the first-ever Michigan Runner Girl Trail 10K & 5K. This Aug. 4 event, held at 45 North Winery & Vineyard in Lake Leelanau, features a loop 5K course – the 10K runners will do it twice – on the winery’s beautiful on-property recreational trail. And after crossing the finish line? Each runner and walker will receive a finisher’s medal and commemorative wine glass (for tasting some of 45 North’s delicious vintages!).

On this latest episode, Heather sits down with two special guests to talk about this inaugural race: her husband Joe, who has been busy doing tons of behind-the-scenes work on this race, and Eddie Kline, who is serving as co-race director of the MRG Trail 10K & 5K. You likely know Eddie as the race director of the Holland Haven Marathon, Half Marathon & 8K in Holland, Mich. This race, which has been frequently featured on the podcast and the MRG website in the past, takes place each September.

Heather, Eddie and Joe share details of the upcoming race and answer questions that have come up from readers and listeners. Can guys come to this all-women’s race? Absolutely! We welcome husbands, partners, brothers, dads, grandpas, uncles and sons to join the festivities and cheer on their runners! Another question answered: yes, walkers and runners alike are invited to participate! A special discount code also is shared. We hope to see you there!

MRG’s vision for this event:

Imagine a day filled with running, with encouragement and cheering from fellow women who embrace movement, friendships and going after big (and small) goals – and who love Michigan’s scenic landscape just as much as you. You’ll experience all of this – and more – when you take part in the inaugural Michigan Runner Girl Trail 10K & 5K on Sunday, August 4 in beautiful northern Michigan, near the shores of Lake Michigan on the picturesque Leelanau Peninsula. This all-women’s event takes place in Leelanau’s wine country, on the sprawling 45 North Vineyard & Winery property just outside the village of Suttons Bay and 20 miles north of Traverse City. You’ll experience the vineyard’s gorgeous trails (created just for running, cycling and hiking). You’ll receive a sweet finisher’s medal and commemorative wine glass (and a wine pour, if you’d like one; we’ll have non-alcoholic drinks available, too). Then sip, savor and celebrate your awesome accomplishment with so many other strong and amazing women!

Sign up here:

Jul 10, 2019

Epic Races knows a thing or two (or a thousand) about putting on races and events. This Ann Arbor-based race management company, co-founded by endurance athlete Eva Solomon, is behind a slew of road running and cycling races and triathlons held throughout southeast Michigan each year. These range from the flagship event Tri Goddess Tri each June to the popular Battle of Waterloo, Swim to the Moon, Ugly Dog Triathlon, Hot Cocoa Classic, and many more, including virtual runs and races. 

Eva, who has been on the show several times, returns with Pat Ball, Epic Races' community outreach director, to share what we can expect from summer and fall races coming up. She also talks about last month's Tri Goddess Tri (and Heather gives a shout-out to a couple of Michigan Runner Girls who took on their first triathlon at this June event near Chelsea, Mich.) 

This fall is the Women Run the D Half Marathon, 10K & 5K on Belle Isle. Eva shares the updates to this event, which takes place on Sept. 15 this year. There's a discount code for this race -- and every other Epic Races taking place this year -- that is shared as well. 



Jul 2, 2019

It's summertime in Michigan, so you know what that means: time to catch up with our state parks guru and all-around fun guest Maia Turek. And she's got loads of extra-great information to share, with our state parks celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Heather and Maia kick off the show with talk about a super cool activity and podcast project MRG is involved with -- the Centennial Campfire Storytelling Project, which combines state park stories with the engaging art form of storytelling. As part of the Michigan state parks centennial, the DNR is hosting storytelling events where you'll hear several vetted storytellers share their playful anecdotes and deeply personal memories. These storytelling events will feature up to five storytellers and attendees that want to share two-minute anecdotes. Each event will be recorded and distilled into a podcast shared on social media and on the DNR's website here. The first storytelling event took place in June, at Interlochen State Park and future events include Van Riper State Park in the U.P. on July 20, Belle Isle in Detroit on Aug. 17, and Yankee Springs on Sept. 21.

Maia also shares the allure of geocaching and how the state parks have a special geocaching tour underway (100 new caches are located around the state), special events that are happening around the state this summer (including family-friendly activities like a sand castle contest in Muskegon), and how we all can contribute to a state parks "memory map."  There's also the Give 100 fundraising campaign, which encourages folks to support their favorite park for the next 100 years.

Learn more about the state parks centennial here.

Jun 17, 2019

Unforgettable scenery meets ultimate running challenge. Sounds intriguing (and fun and definitely worth doing), right? The 4th annual Ragnar Road Michigan is set for September 27-28. Have you signed up yet? We've got lots of great reasons for getting a group of friends together for this Michigan relay race. 

Troy Wheeler, race director of this fall event, shares all the details -- including the awesome bling that runners of both this race and the inaugural Ragnar Trail Michigan, which took place earlier this month, will receive once they cross the finish line. This road relay starts in Muskegon, Mich. and ends in Traverse City.

Troy and Heather also talk about the allure of this road relay -- how it bonds runners and highlights so many beautiful places along the Lake Michigan shoreline -- and what runners can expect when they take part in this race weekend. (Be sure to listen for a really great race discount code -- $80 off your team entry!) 

What do you get when you combine an overnight relay, sugar sand beaches, lighthouses and 12 adventurous friends? Reebok Ragnar Michigan Road. For two days and one star-filled night, run through the vibrant fall foliage, picturesque towns and along the sand dunes of Lake Michigan. And if that isn’t enough you’ll spend 9 legs with beautiful beach views.

Learn more and get signed up here.

Jun 10, 2019

June is well underway (note to Mother Nature: could you please warm it up a little more, and keep it that way?), and summer training and racing are full speed ahead for many of us. Heather is back in the studio after a short break -- anyone else find the month of May incredibly busy?! -- and is excited to welcome Kelly Yauk back as a guest on the show. Kelly, whom guests will remember is a hilarious northern Michigan runner, mother of two girls, and former badass collegiate rower for MSU, is the race director of Stars, Stripes & Splatter Color Run held each summer at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa near Traverse City. 

Heather and Kelly catch up on latest running races and adventures, including how Kelly overdressed for this year's Bayshore 10K but made the most of it anyway, and some fun things coming up for her (she has big running plans for this fall, with her former rowing teammates). Kelly also shares all the details of this month's Stars, Stripes & Splatter, which is set for Saturday, June 29. The 9 a.m. race is super family-friendly and features, you guessed it, lots of Fourth of July-themed color and festivities. A race discount code for this event also is shared during the show. 

Heather also provides an honest update on her training so far for this summer's IRONMAN 70.3 Traverse City, set for Aug. 25. Finding the time to fit in so many workouts -- running, biking, swimming -- is proving to be challenging, but she's determined to get on track and keep going. 

**Have you heard about the race discount code for the first-ever MRG Trail 10K & 5K in northern Michigan this Aug. 4? Use the code TRAILMRG to take $5 off your race entry. Learn more and get signed up here.

And team MRG hopes to see you at these upcoming events:

- Ragnar Trail Michigan, taking place this weekend near Grayling

- Seaway Run in Muskegon, set for the following weekend, June 21-22.


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A special thanks to Mike Moran, Mike Youker and Jonny Tornga of Quarter After Productions in Traverse City, Mich. for producing the show.

May 13, 2019

You'll want to tune in to the latest Michigan Runner Girl podcast episode to hear some big announcements as well as learn about ways to save on your summer and fall races. This week's short-and-sweet show highlights race discount codes, Bayshore expo news, AND .... (drum roll, please....) details on this summer's First Annual Michigan Runner Girl Trail 10K & 5K on Aug. 4 at 45 North Vineyard & Winery.

Imagine a day filled with running, with encouragement and cheering from fellow women who embrace movement, friendships and going after big (and small) goals – and who love Michigan’s scenic landscape just as much as you.

You’ll experience all of this – and more – when you take part in the inaugural Michigan Runner Girl Trail 10K & 5K on Sunday, August 4 in beautiful northern Michigan, near the shores of Lake Michigan on the picturesque Leelanau Peninsula.

This all-women’s event takes place in Leelanau’s wine country, on the sprawling 45 North Vineyard & Winery property just outside the village of Suttons Bay and 20 miles north of Traverse City. You’ll experience the vineyard’s gorgeous trails (created just for running, cycling and hiking). You’ll receive a sweet finisher’s medal and commemorative wine glass (and a wine pour, if you’d like one; we’ll have non-alcoholic drinks available, too).

Register here »

May 5, 2019

In just over a month, trail runners from all across Michigan, the Midwest and beyond will meet up at Hanson Hills Recreation Area in Grayling, Mich. for the inaugural Ragnar Michigan Trail. Organizers of this event expect more than 130 teams to participate in what’s being described as a two-day, one-night exploration of three smooth, single-track trails perfect for any runner experience level. The scenery is going to be amazing: lush forested pine and maple paths, rolling hills, scenic bluff vistas.

Ceara “CC” Pelletier, race director, joins Heather to talk all about this summer’s first-ever Ragnar Michigan Trail, set for June 15-16. With 8 people to a team (unlike Ragnar Road’s 12-person team set-up), the total number of miles covered throughout the weekend is 120. CC, who serves as race director of several other Ragnar Trail events throughout the U.S., is based in her home state of Maine. It was there, in the southern part of Maine, where she spent a lot of time in nature and on the trails. “I love the outdoors almost any activity that you can do outside. I have a type A personality, as most race directors do, but I would describe myself as a chill type A. I’m silly, goofy, and I love to make people laugh.”

CC talks about how she got into organizing races – she got started after graduating college and worked for a company out of South Portland, ME that put on three races each year. It wasn’t long before she got connected with Ragnar – she lived for two adventurous years in Salt Lake City, UT, where Ragnar is headquartered.

CC lets us know what we can expect at this year’s inaugural event (food trucks!) and why many Ragnarians absolutely love the “Glamping” option. And, there’s still time to sign up (just a little bit of time!) if you haven’t yet gotten your team registered. Use the code MRG2019 to take $80 off your team race entry at checkout. Registration closes Tuesday, May 7.

Apr 30, 2019

The popularity of the Bayshore Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K in Traverse City is undeniable. The event attracts thousands of runners, along with their families and friends, from all across the state and the U.S. to northern Michigan each Memorial Day weekend. And the race distances sell out -- the half marathon in particular is a sought-after race, filling up not long after race registration opens Dec. 1. 

This year, the annual kick-off-to-summer race tradition features an all-new event: the Munson Healthcare Kids Marathon, a fun run that gets kids moving not only on race day (they run 1.2 miles at 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 25), but in the days leading up to race day as well. Adding a kids event was a long-held dream of TC Track Club members, and Lisa talks about what it means to see this come to fruition. So far, more than 300 kids have signed up for the run -- there's still time to get registered (kids get race bling at the finish line!). More details here.

The Traverse City Track Club, northern Michigan’s largest and oldest running club, organizes the Bayshore Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K. Lisa Taylor, the club's executive director and a past guest on the MRG Show, talks about what runners can expect at this year's races. Also new this year is an expanded packet pickup. The Playmakers Runners Expo/Packet Pickup takes place at the Traverse City Central High School Gym from 5 to 9 p.m on Friday night May 24 and Saturday, race day, from 5 to 7:15 a.m. 

********************************************************Are you running Bayshore this Memorial Day weekend? MRG will be there! Heather is running the 10K this year, along with Joe, Andrew and Alex, while Emma is taking on the half marathon. 

AND...If you’ve signed up for the marathon, half marathon or 10K, be sure to stop by the Michigan Runner Girl booth at the all-new Runner’s Expo.

We'd love to meet up with fellow Michigan Runner Girls & Guys and hear your stories! Stop by, share your race excitement, tell us about your running plans, and check out the latest MRG styles (We'll also have tanks and hoodies and also the popular Run Traverse City poster for sale!) It’s also an awesome opportunity to have a great time connecting with fellow runners and outdoor enthusiasts. See you there! 


Also on this week's show: a preview of an all-new 5K on Old Mission Peninsula later this month. The Jolly Pumpkin 5K and One Mile takes place Sunday, May 19. This 5K starts at the lighthouse at the tip of Old Mission and features views of Grand Traverse Bay and cherry orchards. A post-race party takes place at Jolly Pumpkin restaurant. A special race discount code for this race is shared during the episode. Learn more about the race and get registered here:

Apr 22, 2019

For breathtaking Lake Michigan views, lots of spectator support, race distances for everyone, and an energetic finish line vibe in the heart of downtown Muskegon, the Mercy Health Seaway Run is the early-summer event to check out.

Taking place on the 4th Saturday in June each year, the Mercy Health Seaway Run has been a tradition along the Lakeshore for more than three decades. For the past couple of years, Heather has taken part in the event, as a runner in the half marathon and 10K, and as a participant in the race expo that is held the Friday before the races. The event also features a 5K and Community Fun Walk course, winding through historic neighborhoods with views of Muskegon Lake.

 Race Director and runner Andrew Buikema joins Heather to talk about this year’s races, set for June 22. They talk all about this year’s events, which includes a slightly altered half marathon course, the event’s 8 new race ambassadors, the special beer that’s being offered at the finish (made just for this race), and lots more -- including how Andrew is training for the Bayshore Marathon this spring and how he has a big goal in mind for this race. They also catch up about this spring’s memorable Gazelle Girl Half Marathon, 10K & 5K – Heather talks about her half marathon with Emma while Andrew, who was there throughout the weekend to help with the race and have a booth at the race expotique, shares what it was like to be at the finish line as the final runner crossed – as snow continued to fall. That’s April in Michigan for you!

Learn more about the Seaway Run and get registered here:

A special race discount code for MRG listeners and readers is mentioned during the show as well.

Apr 16, 2019

The Holland Haven Marathon, Half Marathon and 8K keeps on growing—last year the September races in west Michigan saw a 60% increase in registrations, with nearly 900 runners participating and 2,000 people taking part in the after-party. Eddie Kline, race founder and director, returns to the podcast to talk about this year’s event, now in its sixth year and set for Sunday, Sept. 8 in Holland, Mich. “The half marathon almost sold out last year, and it will for sure this year,” he says.

Eddie and Heather also talk about his “tale of two halves and a failed BQ” at last fall’s Columbus Marathon. Eddie gets candid about realizing during the race that things weren’t going the way he’d planned—and how he ultimately changed his mind-set and found a way to remain positive about the experience. “In the end, the people made the difference for me. Even with a failed BQ, I had an amazing marathon and loved every minute of it.” Eddie is tackling his first ultramarathon, a 50-miler at Dances with Dirt this September in Pinckney, Mich.

With his Holland Haven race, Eddie says he wanted to create a quality hometown race experience for runners, along with providing a final opportunity to snag a Boston-qualifying time in west Michigan. Unlike many races, the Holland Haven offers an expo on race day itself as part of the post-race party that features free beer, cider, and food—for runners as well as spectators. Eddie talks about this year’s new feature—a team runner series—and how the race gives back to local charities and organizations including Camp Geneva, Team Red, White and Blue, and Medals4Mettle.

Race details on the Holland Haven Marathon, Half Marathon and 8K website:

Apr 8, 2019

He’s run 5Ks with his family, and remembers taking on the Bayshore 10K back in the day when he was young, but Trevor Tkach still doesn't exactly call himself a runner (Heather tells him otherwise). And yet, the 42-year-old father of three decided this winter to step it up and take on his longest distance to date: 13.1 miles. Trevor acknowledges he’s going outside his comfort zone by training for his first half marathon – the Bayshore Half Marathon that takes place over Memorial Day weekend in his hometown – and so far, the training he’s experience has exceeded his expectations.

"I hit the 6-mile mark this weekend and it felt good. The mistakes I’ve made in the past when I was younger, they were 'Oh, it’s a beautiful day, I just want to go run forever, but I’m not ready for it.' I would not train. I’d go run 6 or 9 miles and then I’d pay for it the rest of the week. But after running these 6 miles, the day after I felt great, because I have followed the training."

Trevor, who is the CEO and president of Traverse City Tourism, shares how he decided to take on the half marathon (his friend and training partner, Justin, played a big role), the food he is looking forward to eating after (and maybe during) his race, and what it feels like to slowly increase his distance and evolve from a “2- to 3-mile runner” to a distance runner.

Trevor also talks about his role in helping bring IRONMAN 70.3 to Traverse City this August, the positive impacts this event will have on northern Michigan, and what he says is his absolute perfect day in the Traverse City area. Finally, he gives the inside scoop on some great ways to celebrate Michigan Wine Month this May if you’re traveling north.


This episode is supported by the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa and Traverse City Tourism

Mar 25, 2019

Looking for a great, beginner-friendly trail run this summer? The 13th annual Brainy Day Trail Run 10K & 5K on August 17 in Nunica, Michigan has all the makings of the perfect off-road race: a 5K that's scenic and comfortable for those of us just getting into trail running, and a 10K that provides plenty of challenging fun (yep, there are hills!). The race, which has grown considerably in the past couple of years and benefits the Brainy Day Fund, also boasts an incredible after-party—homemade banana bread, anyone? In addition, Michigan craft brewer Oddside Ales provides cold ones and there's local pizza, fruit and other goodies. 

"I think as runners there are some races every year we run, and there are some races we do every year because it's a great experience," says race director Kevin Curley. "Our main goal is to create an experience." 

An extra bonus—and at the heart of this race—is proceeds go to an important cause. The Brainy Day Trail Run supports and raises awareness for those who suffer from a neurological condition called hydrocephalus. All proceeds are donated to The Brainy Day Fund, which supports families through a scholarship program as well as provides research grants for medical professionals looking to end hydrocephalus. 

A race discount code is shared during the episode, just for MRG listeners. Use it before early bird pricing ends March 31 for the best savings.


Also on this week's show...Jonny is back in northern Michigan!! Musician Jonny Tornga, who is part of the production team here at the MRG podcast, has spent the past couple of years in New York City, where he worked for Lululemon and truly found his, ahem, footing in the running community. Heather is super excited to have him on the show to give us a run-down (sorry, too many puns?) on life as a runner in the Big Apple and what it's like to return to his hometown after some time away. Jonny, who is training for this spring's Bayshore Marathon in Traverse City, started running because of his involvement in producing this show. He ran his first 5K at the Great Beerd Run and then jumped to the 25K at the Riverbank Run.

"I got to do a lot of growing up as a runner in New York City, which is an experience all on its own," he says. Winter running isn't the same in NYC, he found. "It's cold, but we get very little snow there. So that's been interesting coming back [to Traverse City] and training for the Bayshore this year. I had turned into a little bit of a wuss out there. We get a lot of rain, so I ran in a lot of rain. It's been interesting...and dealing with cars. In New York City, it's normal to run in the streets and you come here and it's a little bit frowned upon sometimes to run in the streets. So that's been another interesting thing." 

Jonny is training for his second marathon, this spring's Bayshore Marathon. "It's a longer distance for me, but I'm excited to dig into it." 

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